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5 Plastic Free Fridge Hacks To Keep Food Fresher

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Nobody likes wilted veggies. And because my fridge is 90% fruit and vegetables I need to make sure I can keep everything fresh for as long as possible. I am also a lazy person so knowing that I can leave some foods in there longer than 2 weeks without going gross makes me incredibly happy, I hate throwing food aka money away.

So I have listed 5 hacks that keeps my food crisp and fresh for longer than a week.

Keep your baby spinach & leafy green in a damp kitchen towel.

The towel will absorb the moisture and help keep your greens dry. The cool air will keep it from rotting quicker. My baby spinach lasts about 2 weeks, but every time you pull it out of fridge give it a mix and a bit of a fluff.

Always buy your mushrooms in a paper bag.

Proper greengrocers use paper bags for a reason. Unlike their plastic tub friend which are a slime sentence for our beloved mushrooms.

Storing them in paper bags absorb the moisture from the mushrooms and will keep them dry. When they get too dry just run them under water and they will bounce back. (A tip the mushroom man gave me at the markets, is to leave the bag open 

Keep your carrots and other wobbly veggies in water.

Water is magic, not only will bring your wobbly veggies back to life again but keeping water in your fridge will help your fridge not work as hard at keeping it cool. Just don’t forget to give it clean water every now and again this is the best and all time favorite fridge hack

Treat your herbs like a bouquet.

I love the look of herb bouquets in the fridge door. Treating your herbs like flowers will keep them living longer than a day. I used to hate bringing herbs from the market and after a day they wilt.

Be selective about what you put in the fridge door.

The fridge door is the warmest part of the fridge, so make sure you don’t put perishables in the door. I like to keep items in the door that would be ok if I left them on the counter.

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