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Kitchen Pantry Makeup

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

When I started my journey to living more consciously I gave up store-bought product. I used what I had left and started experimenting with my spices in my pantry.

One of my favourite powders to used is cacao powder. I use it for everything- Eyeshadow, Brow powder, bronzer and dry shampoo. It is so inexpensive and I get compliments on smelling like chocolate all the time.

Yes its nice to have fancy makeups that make you feel fabulous but try swapping a few out for these cheap methods. because more counter bought and even high-end makeup have nasty ingredients in them. Ingredients that muck around with your hormones,  google makeup ingredients to avoid and you will be shocked how many there are. 

For brow powder and dry shampoo I like to use straight cacao powder but if you have lighter hair colour I would suggest Arrowroot powder 

For eyeshadows you can really play around with your spice rack, start with arrowroot as a base and play around. Activated charcoal makes a great black shadow.

Bronzer you can use straight cacao powder but make sure you blend it in properly

 You don’t have to swap everything in your makeup bag for pantry items but it does save you lots of money. There are great vegan, organic and sustainably packaged makeup brands popping up everywhere. I will be doing a kind makeup review in the future so be sure you are tuned in for that.

Until next time xo

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