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The Best Beaches of Esperance

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Esperance has undoubtedly the most beautiful beaches we have seen in Australia. The water is so pristine with the bluest blues and the sand is like white powder, it doesn’t even look real. If you are coming off the Nullarbor like us, it will take you around 2 hours drive from Norseman or from Perth it’s 7 to 8 hours drive. 

If you are bringing your furry little friend on your trip, putting them in a kennel is advisable as many of the beaches are not dog friendly not to mention the NP. We put Ted in daycare at Abalee Kennels while we went to Le Grand National Park. There are so many beaches to see we didn’t get time to visit, all more epic than the next. But if you are staying more than a few days it’s worth checking them all out including east of Esperance’s ‘Duke of Orleans’. As I always say “next time” when we run out of time. I’ve collected a few of my favorites for you to see and enjoy. 

Cape Le Grand National Park

This is by far my favorite national park and we wished we booked in advance and spent a couple of nights in either of the two campgrounds available. It is always booked out in advance, definitely not a place you can just rock up and find yourself a camp spot, so plan accordingly. Although you can definitely see all the beaches in one day like we did. The entry fee is $15 per car and $8 for a concession for a day or you want to spend a little longer enjoying what the park has to offer you can get a WA Park Pass which gives you a cheaper option for extended stay into all WA park. With options of 5 days, 14 days, or even a month

Lucky Bay

World’s whites sand, Lucky bay is famous for kangaroos but you will have to be pretty lucky to see one as they only come out at dawn or dusk. We missed the kangaroos but it didn’t phase us as we were drawn to the ocean, it didn’t even feel real to be there. The water here is so clear and surprisingly warm. We pulled out the beach umbrella and enjoyed the morning before the tide came in. Driving on the beach wasn’t an issue, even though it’s advised for 4WD only, we kept to the hard sand and left before the tide crept in. 

The first campground is overlooking Lucky bay. The larger campground of the two with 54 spots. 

Thistle Cove

Inbetween Lucky Bay and Hellfire Bay is Thistle Cove. This was Aarons’s favorite beach to stop at, it is one of the quieter beaches which made it more special. 

Thistle Cove is home to the Whistle Rock you will see it as you drive in. We made lunch in the car park and made whistle noises with a glass bottle to fool the tourists (it was quite amusing). Although they say the wind creates a whistling sound with the rocks which is why it was given its name.

the actual beach is protected by the wind and surrounded by rock formations, you can start at Whistle rock and walk around to see the beautiful white sand and bluest of blue water. if you feel like rock climbing you can make your way to the sand.

Hellfire Bay

Probably one of the more popular beaches with a BBQ area and toilets. Another jaw-dropper with sparkling blues and white powdery sand, it’s large enough to spread out and enjoy your day basking in the sun. Park your towel on the large rocks and dive straight in. 

Le Grand Beach

Le Grand Beach is on the western end of the NP and a perfect spot if you are a keen surfer, Aaron caught a few small fun waves, getting the board wet is always a bonus. It’s the longest beach in the National Park stretching out 22km long. Like Lucky Bay, you can drive your vehicle onto the sand. we opted for the car park this time as it was getting later in the day.

There is also a small campsite here if you are looking at camping in the National Park. You will need to book in advance as there are only 16 sites available. 

Great Ocean Drive

Not to be confused with the Great Ocean Road in Victoria this scenic drive have you dropping your jaw on your dashboard. There are also a few beaches your pup can enjoy too like picnic beach and west beach.

You will also find amazing surf breaks along the coast, Aaron pulled out his wettie a few times in the three days we were there.

Twilight Beach

One of the most popular beaches for families due to its aqua clear water and huge boulder rock formations protecting the beach from wind during the day, it’s also a great place to climb and jump off rocks. On the other side of the beach is picnic beach you will see it as you drive in with a windmill in the dunes. This is a dog-friendly beach and a great place to tire your furry friend out. 

Blue Haven 

Another great beach that is protected from the wind Blue Haven lives up to its name. One of the closer beaches to the town center and the views from the top of the staircase are breathtaking. Walk down the long winding staircase and immerse yourself in the calm and peaceful waters, surrounded by large rocks. this cove-like beach is perfect for those who like to standup paddleboard. As you drive into Blue Haven you will find a few surf breaks at Salmon beach if you are keen on surfing.

9 Mile Beach  

Near the popular surf spot The Observatory you will find 9 Mile Beach, which is on the far end of the drive. As you drive into the car back you can sit back and enjoy the views of the waves crashing into the reef that has formed the perfect swimming spot for families and couples who just want to frolic in the water while the waves roar past the reef. What I love about this beach is that it isn’t as popular as the others and you can enjoy it for yourself almost. 

We have been fortunate enough to come here on beautiful summer days both times we have visited Esperance and it has always been my top favorite places in Australia.

I hope I have given you enough enticement to book your next trip here. 

See you on the road.

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