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Choosing Organic Hair Dye over Conventional

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Over the past 2.5 years, I kept my hair natural with salt and pepper greys. This year I gave in to vanity and wanted to feel good, be able to look in the mirror and say DAMN!!! You are one fine, 31-year-old.  I didn’t want to head to any old salon to get my hair coloured, I wanted to go somewhere where they believe in the same holistic values I do. So I booked myself into Natural Goddess Organic Salon I still want to be as eco-conscious as can and still feel good about myself. 

Owner and Head Hairdresser- Cara really captures the holistic salon. From the second-hand furniture, the aromatherapy shoulder massage and of course the organic products. So why am I choosing organic hair salon over eco options like henna? Yes, henna is the best option for hair coverage. But like most of you reading this, you probably still see your hairdresser and haven’t made the switch to organic yet. You are probably thinking an organic salon sounds too bougie. But there are benefits to choosing an organic salon over a conventional one! In most conventional colour brands they use PPD- paraphenylenediamine and PTD an ingredient in hair permanents also known as oxidative it is extremely toxic to aquatic life and repeated exposure can cause problems to the bodies organs. Natural Goddess use a hair colour brand called Organic Colour Systems. they use the lowest levels of PPD/PTD in their permanents and PPD/PTD free in their semi-permanent’s. Conventional dyes use parabens, ammonia and GMO ingredients. There is a growing concern about these ingredients in our beauty and personal products. Parabens are a synthetic compound found widely in commercial personal and beauty products commonly known as preservatives. Studies have been shown that parabens are linked to disrupting hormone function, which can cause breast cancer. Ammonia is also used in liquid fertilizers, it is compound of nitrate and hydrogen. A colourless gas with a pungent smell. Cara once told me some of her new clients would get the detox cleansing wash before their colour and the smell and sludge coming out of the hair from their previous products. Do we really know what we are putting on our bodies?

Organic Dyes like Organic Colour Systems are free from all parabens, ammonia and GMOs.   They use organic ingredients 95% naturally derived and 60% certified organic. So my personal opinion- I absolutely love my hair colour and it has covered all my greys. My hair feels nourished and naturally soft as most conventical products have silicone as an ingredient that makes your hair feel soft after they damage the hair. If you can’t afford to go to the hairdresser every four weeks they also have a box dye brand called Herbatint  It can be an easy and more mindful habit to change without having to give up a little luxury. Comment below if you would like a review on using Hanna as a hair dye. 

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