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Dirty Hippy Cosmetics Review

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

When you find companies that align thier beliefs with their business ethic, you need to support them, trial their products and use your money as a vote to a better future. When I was told about a company called Drity Hippy Cosmetics, I had to do a little research into their products and core values. Turns out this beauty company is enviromentally friendly all round. – Ethically Made, north of Canberra NSW in a town called Goondah (     some reason I had in my head byron bay, brains a little fuzzy     these days.) – Certifide Organic, all ingredients are organic so no hidden    nasties. – Packaging Plastic Free, this I loved the most. finding a company    that is compostable and recyclable is a company I like to support.   Now the spray bottle pumps are not recycable but you can resuse    for around the house, I cant wait to use mine as an air fresh     spray bottle. I have put my review up on my youtube channel but you can click below to watch.

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