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What I Keep In My Handbag

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Being Prepared is the most important step to being waste conscious. So what is in my Zero Waste Bag?

My journey to a zero waste lifestyle can be made easy at home because I control what comes into the home. But once you step out of the house you step into the realm of convenience.  

So I thought I would show you what I keep in my bag to refuse waste while I’m out and about, This guide will help you change your habits and create less waste and maybe save you a few dollars in the future.

Stainless Steel Drink Bottle- for 3 years I have not used one single plastic disposable bottle (a little pat on the back) I just don’t see why we need too. Living in Australia we are very fortunate for clean water.  I have a filtered tap at home, and while I’m outside tap water from a water fountain. And most water fountains today are filtered and encourage you to use them instead of buying bottled water. I love my Stainless steel water bottle and take it with me everywhere. USA- Klean Kanteen Australia- the plastic free collective

Stainless Steel Tiffin- So I have to confess, I have started collecting tiffins. I am obsessed with them. In India, wives would make their husbands a packed lunch and store in tiffins to take with to work. These plastic free beauties always put a smile on my face at lunchtime and I’ve collected all shapes and sizes over the past two and half years. I always get asked where I get them from which I don’t have a direct answer as they have been collected from all different places. But there are great companies like seed & sprout and Cheeki and also the Source Bulk Foods have brought some out too which is amazing.

Ecoffee Bamboo Coffee Takeaway Cup- Even though I purchased it from the UK (felt a little guilty, for the transport emissions) But I bought 4 as presents so it wasn’t too bad. I just loved the concept of Bamboo Fibre, unlike its BPA Free friends these coffee cups can be completely composted at the end of its life, I do hope the company KeepCup catch on to this. as most of their products are still plastic. The Plastic Free Collective Utensil Kit- Where would I be without my utensil kit. well, I wouldn’t have my little company The Plastic Free Collective. I have been collecting my favourite conscious products to sell in my little shop It is estimated that close to 40 billion individual plastic utensils produced each year, they end up in our landfills, but in other cases as a low rate of them being properly disposed of end up on beaches, and in our oceans. They are likely to remain there for hundreds of thousands of years breaking down into microplastics. So refusing plastic utensils is the best option, choosing reusables is a vote towards a more sustainable way of living.  There are many different options out there to swap plastics out for a more reusable and sustainable and because of the rapid growth of this movement they are very accessible. I have a made a video about what I have in my weekend bag, so go and check it out. and if you have any questions or other alturnatives let me know in the comment secion  Until next time x

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