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Soft Plastics, What We Can Do With Them?

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

You may be thinking as you finish items from your pantry before you started your challenge, where can I put this if not the garbage bin.

Living in Australia we have been made accustom to putting our waste in a bin and it will all just go away. Learning about the effects our toss away habits have on our planet, I decided to reduce my plastic packaging but If you live in an area that doesn’t have a bulk food store but you also don’t want to just throw away all this plastic. 

RedCycle is an Australia Recycling company that has partnered with the two leading supermarkets Woolworths and Coles, where you can take your soft plastics to the supermarket and they will collect from there. They recycle all soft plastic from Bread bags to chip packets, produce bags and shopping bags. They don’t recycle kerb side plastics like drink bottles or plastic containers. If you want to check the full list click here – RedCycle

There are so many places on the Gold Coast alone where you can drop your plastic waste clink this link to find our your local REDcycle bin Now I believe that as great as this program is, it’s not the compleat answer to our problems, not using soft plastics should be the new normal.

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